12510327_1710069739229269_6312723395632613247_nPhoto & txt via Bozeman Fire Fighters IAFF L613

We often hear the firefighters quote “my mind will never forget what my eyes have seen” and this remains true for all firefighters including Bozeman’s.
During the primary search of the structure an unresponsive dog was found and quickly taken outside for others to render aid while the interior search continued. Quickly, when time and staffing allowed (as life saving efforts were underway for the homeowner) care to the dog via mouth to snout rescue breaths were given to the medium sized family pet. A Bozeman Fire FIDO kit was soon put into action by another crew. This FIDO kit is a pet specific O2 mask and other essentials which can be quickly placed on a dogs muzzle.
This oxygen along with gentle rubbing from firemen dressed in full fire turnouts intended for a much different type of work was showing positive effects.
The dog who slowly came around with eyes of confusion continued to need oxygen and the arms of loving fireman as the dog simply leaned upon them for support, it seems that the dog quickly became an unofficial therapy pet for those on scene.


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