Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 6.11.21 AM
Cornerstone Award Winners; from left, Valerie, Patrick & Carol Hemingway at the Bozeman Library.  PC: Louise Johns for the Bozeman Chronicle

An alcove of the Bozeman Public Library, with high-backed chairs situated to look out over Lindley Park, is named after writer Ernest Hemingway, a corner chosen by the family because of a wildlife corridor funneling a variety of birds to the lawn and trees outside the window.

Here, that most famous of Hemingways’ second son, Patrick, along with his wife, Carol, and former sister-in law (and Ernest’s one-time assistant) Valerie, met to talk about their contributions to the library. These Bozeman-based Hemingways, along with Valerie’s youngest son, Edward, will be honored with this year’s Cornerstone Award at a celebration at the library on Saturday.

As per the Bozeman Chronicle….click here to read the full story.


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