Bozeman is my adopted hometown.  I left the East Coast for the freedom and nature of the West….and to focus on my art. I’ve been here a year now and focused on everything, but my art.  And so with the start of a new year comes new promises to oneself.

This blog is a photo essay that found me actually.  I have always loved anything that is a daily post: a word a day, a recipe a day and so on. Recently, this past November, I stumbled upon a profound photo essay on Livingston, Montana by a local photographer there named Lynn Weaver.

Her blog, http://e-livingston.com/, created in 2009, was dedicated to a picture a day about someone or something in nearby Livingston. It drew me in and I knew Lynn and I would become fast friends.  I just needed to reach out to her to introduce myself and “ask permission” if I could continue this theme in my town of Bozeman.

As I googled Lynn, I  was shocked to find out she passed away just a few days before I discovered her and the blog.  Life is mysterious in so many ways.  What I was not shocked to learn in reading condolences posted to her obit page ( http://www.franzen-davis.com/obits/obituary.php?id=660889); was this incredible person who loved people, life and the arts.  She always encouraged those to GO FOR IT.

Lynn we never officially met, but I want you to know that you have helped me Go For It and I hope that this blog helps others find your work and continued inspiration.

I’ll be following the same guidelines and format that Lynn used: shoot and post the same day.  I will try not to take pictures in advance, or otherwise use a photo that was not taken on the current day. From time to time I will also showcase other area photographers work of Bozeman…if you would like to submit, drop a line!

Some days titles and text will be added to the pictures, some days they will not.  Whatever day it may be, please fell free to add YOUR title or story that the picture evokes.

Happy New Year….Live Life with Love & Light!






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